Legacy Members

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Because of all the Buddhist memorials, it is often said that the Japanese are married as Shintos and buried as Buddhists.  There is the Shotsuki Hoyo, and memorial services at various intervals, such as the 49th day, 100th day, 1st year, 3rd year, 7th, etc and the Eitaikyo, Obon, Shinran Shonin’s Memorial, among others. One might think that Buddhists are a somber lot, always preoccupied with the dark matters of death. But as Rev. Ashikaga always asserted in his Shotsuki Hoyo messages, the memorial services are for us, the living.  Rev Patti’s Shotsuki Hoyo messages always emphasize how our lives are shaped by the those honored.

The Shotsuki Hoyo service is about our awareness of our transformations because of the lives of family and friends. Thus, the literal meaning of the “kanji” characters for the word Shotsuki makes sense — “joyous month.” Using the service to reflect on how our lives have been informed by those before us — even for just a moment, can change us.

The following links connect us to some of the many honored at our monthly Shotsuki Hoyo services. We invite you to journey through the essence of our 75 years — the members who built the temple and the fabric of our sangha. Shotsuki Hoyo is for remembrance but also to look forward . . . joyfully.