George Maruyama (1918 – 2009)

George Maruyama was born May 5, 1918, in Salinas, California. After settling into Chicago at the end of World War II he became a founding member of the Buddhist Temple of Chicago.

George and Mary

He was devoted to the life of the temple and much of the history of BTC is reflected in George’s life. Resettling in Chicago after the war, he married Mary Wada on May 8th, 1949 in a ceremony held at the temple. He loved the BTC festivals: Bon Odori, Mochitsuki, Natsumatsuri and was an active in the major temple groups: Asoka, Kendo, Scouts and Shinko Band.

He was especially known for his wonderful singing voice and was active in the BTC Choir, led by Rev. Yukei Ashikaga.

BTC Choir 1965 George top row 3rd from right
George with Rev and Mrs Saito, 1985

George passed away on September 16, 2009 at the home of his daughter, Lynn and son-in-law, Gary.