Nokotsudo (Cremains Storage)

We continue to accept cremains in our beautiful Nokotsudo. It is configured to hold urns of various sizes and presentations for storage periods that fit each family’s need. The Nokotsudo will be open for regular inspection each Sunday immediately after service and by appointment made witheither Rev. Patti Nakai, Gary Nakai, or Kiyo Omachi.

Whether you have a definite length of nokotsudo3time in mind for interment in the Nokotsudo or whether the period of time is indeterminate while ultimate plans are being worked out, rest assured that the beautiful design of the BTC Nokotsudo presents each applicant with flexible, dignified storage accommodation. As a further service, the BTC Nokotsudo policy permits the holding of burial certificates when accompanying the admitted cremains.

To inter cremains in the Nokotsudo, fill out the application form attached to the Nokotsudo Policy. These documents are available from the temple office or they can be mailed to you by contacting any of the above persons.

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