Adding a Family Member Profile

We will set up the profile page. All we need are a few items:

First, photos or Graphic Files: Scanned photos are preferred. If possible, photos from different eras would be great. Send in graphic file format (eg, jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .tiff) with adequate resolution. Graphic files can be sent via email to Glenn Fujiura  <>.

You can also send paper photos via postal mail to BTC. We will scan them and on request, return them to you. Send to Legacy Archive Project c/o The Buddhist Temple of Chicago, 1151 W. Leland Ave, Chicago, IL 60640.

Gladys Otsuka 1944 Poston Relocation Camp

Second, if possible, identify people, place or time: Photos are much more effective when captioned. We realize this is often impossible. That’s okay. Just send the photo.

Third, if possible, a brief history or biography. Histories developed for a memorial service are often wonderful life summaries. However, a simple listing of dates would be fine. It is your choice.

Questions? Feel free to contact Glenn Fujiura (