BTC is a diverse Buddhist temple in the historic Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. Visit Sundays at 11 am for weekly English service (newcomer guide), explore our educational classes, meditate on Thursdays & Sundays, and drop in on our many cultural offerings and events. Check the Calendar for regular classes and Facebook page for the most recent updates. Everyone is welcome. Directions and parking info are at the bottom of the page.  The temple was founded in 1944 and this is our 75th anniversary.  

Visit our new ALL ANNIVERSARY PAGE for compiled links of all the happenings regarding our 75th!  


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The new fall education schedule is up (click image):

  • Special Events for 2019 (dates subject to change):
    • First Sunday of every month – Shotsuki Hoyo (monthly memorial service)
    • September 22 – Fall O-Higan
    • October 8 – 75th Anniversary!
    • October 13 – Temple 75th Anniversary service
    • October 27 – Halloween Party
    • November 24 – Ho-on-ko (Shinran memorial)
    • December 8 – Bodhi Day
    • December 29 – Year-End Service, Mochi-tsuki
    • January 1, 2020 – New Year’s Day Service

Photos from visitors, temple members, and Sam Lee Photo

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