The All Anniversary Page

The temple was founded on October 8, 1944, and we are celebrating our 75th anniversary on Sunday, October 13, 2019!

All the anniversary info is linked on this page for your convenience.

The reservations for the celebratory luncheon have now closed.  We are just about at full capacity.  You’re still welcome to join us for service at 11 a.m. 

Photo archives display photographs and documents from the 1940’s through the 2000’s.

The Legacy Member pages share about folks who were an integral part of our temple.  They have left their legacy and we remember them gratefully.

Also, we’ve announced the winning t-shirt design!  If you want a t-shirt, please e-mail stuffatBTC at and let us know your size(s)!  Order online here.  You can see the size measurements here.  Shirts are $20 and you can pick them up at temple.  We do have a few on hand at temple.  If you order one and we don’t have your size, you can expect it in about two weeks. 

Commemorative pins are now available for a suggested donation of $10.  If you donate $75 or more, you can get a pin for yourself and we’ll mail a pin to a friend.  Order online here or come into the temple.  We have a limited quantity.  

As always, we gratefully receive any donation you may be moved to make.  Thank you for being a part of BTC.