BTC 75th Anniversary T-shirt Competition

Get this information as a .pdf here. Get the entry form here.


Entry fee:  $35,* includes one t-shirt

Entry deadline:  August 1, 2019

Size:  10” x 12” maximum

Shirt color:  White, Black, Grey, or Navy

Sizes:  Youth S, M, L, and Adult S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X

Requirements:  Should include “Buddhist Temple of Chicago” and “75th Anniversary”

Limit one entry per person.

*Entry fee is waived if you submit a design but do not require a t-shirt. 


Artwork may be submitted as two-dimensional images created on paper or as digital files.  Complete the BTC 75th Anniversary T-shirt Competition Entry Form and include it with your artwork and check (if applicable) made payable to “The Buddhist Temple of Chicago.” 

Paper submissions:   Bold, clear line drawings with solid color fills translate the best to t-shirt printing.  If your image should be printed with a transparent background, indicate this on your attached submission form.  See example below, with artwork on a blue shirt.  If you choose a white t-shirt and your design is drawn on white paper, you will still need to indicate whether transparency should be applied.  Otherwise, a faint outline may be visible. 

Submitted Artwork
No Transparency Indicated

 You may also submit a scanned image with a minimum 300 DPI. 

Digital file submissions:  Please submit as .png file with a minimum 300 DPI.  Transparency should be enabled.  Bold, clear line drawings with solid color fills translate the best to t-shirt printing.


Blah Blah Blah:

  • High-contrast and high-resolution images provide the best results. 
  • Very fine lines and small type do not print well. 
  • The t-shirt color will affect the overall appearance. 
  • Artwork will be scaled to best fit the t-shirt. Submissions will be centered on the front. 
  • The earlier your entry is, the more time you will have to fix it if it isn’t suitable for printing.
  • If you’d like suggestions or help with your artwork, send a digital file to  Please clearly indicate that you are sending a DRAFT. 
  • Your t-shirt must be picked up at the Buddhist Temple of Chicago. 
  • Artwork may be submitted digitally, but entry fee (if applicable) must arrive at the Temple on or before August 1, 2019. 
  • Please include the completed BTC 75th Anniversary T-shirt Competition Entry Form with your artwork. 
  • The Buddhist Temple of Chicago reserves the right to only accept submissions that are in keeping with the Temple’s mission and beliefs.

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Revised 06/08/2019  We reserve the right to edit this document to correct errors or omissions.