BTC 75th Anniversary T-shirt Competition

About the Designer

I am Robert Katsumi Doi, 80 years old. From age three to six my family was interned at Tule Lake Relocation Center during WW II. I started doing intensive artwork at Chicago Vocational High School. I received a four year scholarship to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and worked as a high school art teacher while earning a Masters of Science in Art Education at the Institute of Design, IIT. I followed my wife-to-be to Denver, CO, and we later had a wonderful daughter, Tamara Lynn Doi. Thereafter I started my own art business selling prints of my artwork.

In honor of my deceased wife, Tamara and I started a non-profit memorial award to award laptops, advanced calculators and money for books to deserving high school students from poor families. Thus far with Tamara’s fundraising and sales of my artwork we have awarded 13 laptops, two advanced calculators and $500 for books.

The last seven years I have been an active art club member at Windsor Gardens of Denver, a community of 3,800, 55+ seniors. I have exhibited extensively locally and am a Supporting Member of Spark Gallery, a leading gallery in the Santa Fe Art District.

First I thank my sister, Ruby Tsuji, for telling me about your t-shirt competition. And secondly I am so grateful and honored to become a part of your BTC 75th Anniversary!

Robert Katsumi Doi

Thank you to all our talented artists! The winning entry is shown below. As of December 31, 2019, we are no longer taking orders but have some limited stock at temple. Drop in to see available sizes.

Also, we had some spirited commentary about the models. Unfortunately the T-Shirt Committee is unable to provide phone numbers. Sorry.

Also, you can see all things anniversary here.

3 thoughts on “BTC 75th Anniversary T-shirt Competition

  1. Robert Katsumi Doi says:

    Dear Kaz and Helen,

    I am so very grateful for your financial and motivational support of my art career. I treasure my freindship with Kaz which started in our preteen years.

    Thank you both for your invitation to be a guest in your home during the BTC 75th Anniversary weekend!

    Bob Doi

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