Stuff! We know you need some stuff! And we’ve got stuff for you!

With any donation of $10 or more, you can receive a lovely commemorative pin.

For a donation of $75 or more, you can get a pin for yourself and have one sent to a friend. We’ll take care of the mailing. (Continental U.S. only, please. If you really want one sent somewhere else, we can talk.)

The pins are available now until we run out! Limited edition, get them while they are hot. They come in a nice little presentation box and if any member of the Stuff Committee is around, s/he will tie a nice ribbon on the box for you.

Reserve your t-shirt now!

We also have t-shirts. If you’d like one reserved for you, please e-mail stuffatBTC at and let us know your size. You can pay the $20 when you come to temple to collect. We’ll have a limited number available for sale on the anniversary as well.

The adult shirts come in S, M, L, XL, 2X and 3X. They are grey with black print. The children’s shirts come in S, M and L and you can get them in either “teal ice” or grey. I’m not sure how to describe “teal ice.” It looks like light green to me. Yeah. Shirt measurements are on this .pdf and you can also see what color “teal ice” is.

Oh, and you can still get “Every Day is a Good Day” shirts if you so desire. They only come in navy.

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