The Center Within (MP3 Recordings)

Rev. Kubose

Gyomay Kubose brings classical Buddhist teachings on ego, ambition, behavior, and personal responsibility within the context of American life today. To know oneself, to live each day in a fresh creative way, to find peace amidst confusion – his gentle teachings address the ageless question of how to lead the happiest and most fulfilling life possible, today and every day.

Gene Honda contributes his voice for the reading of The Center Within. He is active in many community and charitable endeavors in addition to his role as a radio and television personality.

SELECTIONS (Click to listen)

A Shining Star
Buddha Nature and Gassho
Buddhism is Everyday Life
Tokusan’s Candle
Who Are You
Basho’s Staff
Look Within
Nirvana Day
Five Evils
Maple Leaf
Basic Consciousness
The Natural Way
Gateless Gate
Buddha’s Gift
Middle Way
Purposeless Purpose
No Mind
How the Buddha Taught
Bodhi Day
The Fresh, Creative Life
Foreign Gates
I and Thou
Soundless Sound
Turtle in the Garden
Forget Yourself
Wash the Dishes
Indifference to Criticism
One More Step
Every Day is a Good Day
Life’s Empty Spaces
Fortune is Misfortune
Be Yourself
Three Major Teachings
Establish Your Center
Continuous Change
Every Day is the Last Day


Permission granted by Gyomay M. Kubose in 1987 to use his work for sound reproduction, through the technological variations since then, the following people and companies have been instrumental leading to this iteration:

  • Text editor and publisher, Anna L. Idol.
  • Read by Gene Honda
  • Music: The Song of the Seashell, Leonard Garrison (flute), Katherine Robinson (violin)
  • Original audio cassette version, Michael Freeman and Associates, Barrington, IL
  • Digital sound and cover design, King Tet Productions, San Diego, CA and Lisa Nakamoto (original cassette design version)
  • All rights are cleared for use of this production and granted to the Buddhist Temple of Chicago and to Bright Dawn in Coarsegold, CA.