Altar Setup for Special Services – Pictorial Guide (Hanamatsuri)

Table coverings stored on shelf behind curtains
Gather flower shrine materials from storage room
Gather childrens’ costumes from storage room
Placement of table for shrine
1st table covering (careful it’s very fragile and tattered)
Square off corners . . .
. . . and secure with painter’s tape
Center top cover
Top with water proof cover
Retrieve flower vases from behind the altar
Position on sides of shrine
Remove plexiglass cover from lower altar table
Place bottom cover & center
Hospital corners
Secure in place temporarily with something heavy
Secure cover – run string through cover loops on right . . .
. . . and left sides. . .
. . . and loosely secure in the middle
Center top cover
Replace plexiglass cover
Remove shelf protector from upper altar table and add small top cover
Replace shelf protector
Add table pieces (stored behind altar)
Finish with flowers to the sides . . .
. . . and season candles for the next day.
Center the hanamido frame (from storage room)
Add the bowl and ladle . . .
. . . and center the Buddha statue in the bowl
Meanwhile, flower prep for the shrine “roof” in the kitchen . . .
. . . inserting individual flowers into the foam base.
Priority given to the front of the shrine roof — no empty spaces.
Assemble hanamido . . .
. . . by recruiting two exceptional human beings who place the roof onto the slotted frame.
Using wire, attach flowers to each post of the frame
Completed shrine
Completed Hanamatsuri setup