Safe Sangha Policy

Oneness – The Way of Non-Discrimination

The Buddhist Temple of Chicago is an open, inclusive, and affirming Sangha. We welcome all, without distinction as to race, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. We recognize that in such a community, misunderstandings and conflict may arise, and call for immediate response.

Persons who feel that they may be experiencing discrimination, harassment, exploitation, retaliation, or intimidation, including sexual harassment of any sort, are encouraged to bring forward their allegations, so that the Sangha may address, and resolved, these important issues. You may bring such allegations to the attention of our Resident Minister, Rev. Patti Nakai, or to any member our Board of Directors. We will respect your confidentiality and your privacy.

The Sangha commits itself to refrain from retaliation, in any form, against persons who come forward with such allegations. These are opportunities for spiritual growth, in a safe and welcoming Sangha.